In May, 2006, we had the opportunity to visit Sally Ann Furnace, the manor, and our beloved creek. Here are some pictures from that visit.


This is the marker that tells the history of the iron furnace and its owners. We are standing on the lawn in front of the manor house. The new owner, Richard, gave us a wonderful tour of the property. He has made many great changes to the land, but has kept the property true to its beginnings.


Our little stone house was once used as the store house, as a school, and now as a residence. I remember the foot deep stone window sills. Mom grew the best violets on those window sills. Here is my "run away" fountain as it is today. You can still see the little statue, but most of the fountain is now filled with forsythia. Richard has really improved the pond. He has had it dredged, stocked it with fish, and cleared the land around it.


Here is the iron furnace. It is on the property next to the manor and is pretty much in ruins, as it was in our day. And, here is the creek. A few rocks that made up the dam are still there. The creek has broken through and split into two streams now. The large rock on the far side is where Mom used to sit as we paddled around in the water.