The Lesson

I am using PSP Version 8 and do not have the same options as the tutorial. I do not have Adjust || One Step Noise Removal or Adjust || Digital Camera Noise Removal. But, I do have Add/Remove Noise with some options, so I played with them.


The original photograph. This is the back of the little stone cottage used in the last lesson. The Moire pattern Removal seemed to be the option that worked best along with sharpening to clear up the photo. Automatic Small Scratch Removal did nothing to show the desired results of this lesson, but this looked like a watercolor picture to me and was a fun result. So, I add it here.


The original photograph. This was a really bad photo, so presented a good challenge. The Soften option did take out some of the spottiness, but not enough to make the photo a good one. Smudge worked much better, but I did have to be careful with the amount and direction of the smudge.