The Lesson


The original photograph above. My changed picture below. I did a lawn manicuring job for this fix. I removed the clutter by the wall on the right and cloned new grass there. I also cloned a little grass on the left to fill out the area. finally, I cropped the picture so the cement step was not the central image.


If you have children, you know what their rooms look like. This was probably my easiest "cleaning" day! In the second photo, I "turned off" the TV by removing the picture and filling with black. I cloned the floor to remove the wires, part of the rug and some of the "litter". I also cleaned up the book shelf by removing the books and adding a background. Too bad the room won't stay this way!

Here are two pictures just for fun. I used the cloning tool to extend the photos out of the frames for an artistic effect.