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Lessons 21 - 30

Lesson 21 - Make a Watermark

I had already created a logo. I found out that my initials JG when printed then mirrored created an apple (well sort of!) in the center. Since I was a teacher for 30 years, this logo appealed to me! I also added the image from the tutorial.

Lesson 22 - Creating and Adding Stamps

For this lesson, I added some stars and fantasy flowers as well as another initial logo in various colors.

Lesson 23 - My Stamp Gallery

This took some doing, but I finally got all the new stamps added to the easy palette.

Lesson 24 - Paint on Edges (POE)


This was fun to do. The first image is directly from the tutorial. The second is several stamps of oranges on an outline. Number 3 is the same, except I changed the stamp to get three different fruits on the outline. There were some empty spaces, so I used the ml-greenery as a single stamp to fill in here and there. The last started out as a flower outling, but the stamp was set at a large size and filled in the outline to now look more like a star. I added a shadow to this one.

Lesson 25 - Making Candy

This lesson made me hungry!

Lesson 26 - The Shape of Things


Lesson 27 - Watering Can & Bird House


These are the kinds of activities I enjoy the most. I guess they intrigue me because I end up with a completed project (even when I have to do the project several times over!).

Lesson 28 - Outlined Text


I could play with this all day!

Lesson 29 - Text on a Curve


At last! I now have an easier way to do text on a curve.

Lesson 30 - My Business Card

I did it! Now, on to Level Two...

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