Daegan is Two!

24 months to 29 months


Daegan celebrated her second birthday. First, she let Kieren have a look at her dogfood cake. But, then she did the honors by eating most of it herself. She did save a little to share with her little nephew.


One of Daegan's favorite pasttimes is playing with her Jolly ball. She chases that all over the yard. Here is Daegan's "I am Two" portrait.

In August, Daegan began limping with her right, rear leg. We visited the vet and got a prescription for pain medication. After a 10 day course of meds, we waited a week, but Daegan began to limp again. After a second course of meds with no better improvement, we finally had X-rays taken and found that Daegan had a partial tear of the knee ligament (the ACL that you hear about with football players). On December 2, 2010, Daegan had TPLO surgery to repair her knee. We picked her up on December 3rd.


The first picture shows Daegan's shaved leg and the bandage over her incision. An interesting thing we found out is that her skin is brindle just like her hair. Picture two shows poor Daeg with the E-collar (Elizabethian collar) which she hated. Poor thing. Within a day, I made her a soft collar to keep her from licking her incision. Kieren got one two since he had his neuter surgery on December 3. Even the soft collar went by the wayside since Daegan didn't bother her wound at all. Good girl.

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