Gerber's Daegan from Deepwood Acres

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Introducing our new little girl!



Thank you to Sandy Taylor of Deepwood Acres for the baby pictures of Daegan taken weekly as she grew. You can see Sandy's wonderful site at: Deepwood AcresAmerican Mastiffs

Daegan ~ 2-3 Months Old Daegan Grows Puppy Kindergarten Daegan at 4-5 Months Daegan's Christmas Wish Daegan ~ 6 Months Daegan ~ 7-8 Months
Daegan ~ 9-10 Months Daegan ~ 11 Months Happy Birthday, Daegan! 13-17 Months Daegan - 18-19 Months Daegan - 20-22 Months Daegan and Kieren Daegan is Two!