Daegan at 6 Months


Daegan weighed in at 81 pounds at 24 weeks. It's a good thing that growth starts to slow down around 9 months or she would be 160 pounds on her birthday! When I came into the TV room, I saw Daegan stretched out on the couch. She just about fit from one end to the other. But, by the time I got the camera, she had changed her position. I think you can still see that she is getting to be a pretty big girl.


We finally got a couple inches of snow. Daegan and the girls had a great time playing in the back yard. By the next day, freezing rain had covered the snow and the yard was a crunchy, icy mess. Daegan was not too sure that she was liking that. We had to replace our water heater. Of course, the box it came in became the newest toy for the girls and the dog. They have a ball crawling in and out of the "fort".

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