Daegan's Birthday Messages


These are some of the Smiley birthday gifts Daegan received from our American Mastiff Forum friends

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Daegan! Joanne - she's BEAUTIFUL! What a gorgeous girl. Thanks for the link to her pictures. I loved the one with her birthday "cake". Did she woof the candle out? :-) Give her a big birthday hug from me! Sandy Taylor (Daegan's first mom!)

She's wonderful, I love big dogs. I clicked on the Christmas wish, that was really cute - Jim

Happy Birthday Daegan. Aaaaawwww, what a cute puppy and now a beatiful young dog. Give her some scratches and a big kiss on her beautiful nose - Birgit

So cute! Happy Birthday! - Wendy

Happy Birthday Daegan. You are growing into a beautiful young lady. Your Mom has taught me how to pronouce your name - Carol

Great looking dog. Loved your idea of the dog food cake and candle - Becky

Happy Birthday sweetie girl! Ohh... what a growth spurt she has had in that year! WOW! - Cindy

Nice shots of your cute doggy - Meg

It looks like you've had a fun year - Dee

TROOPER and BUZZY hope that you had a SUPER BIRTHDAY, DAEGAN!! - Dick

Leia wishes her sister a very happy bday! - Kristine and Robert

Happy Birthday Deagan - Cynthia

Happy Birthday to You - Gidget

Love theWeb-site!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! - Willow and her Mom

Happy 1st Birthday Deagan! What a wonderful website Joanne! Deagan is gorgeous! - Renae

Happy Birthday Daegan!!! - Michelle

Happy Birthday Daegan! - Kathy in MD

She is a beautiful dog reminds me of my nieces Great Dane, The mastiff must be a relative - Edie

Beautiful photos and memory pages. Happy Birthday Daegan! - Sue H

A very happy birthday to the Big Girl! May she have many, many more - Tom and Mary

Happy Birthday big girl!!!! She's beautiful - Betsy

gorgeous photos! happy birthday -Sandy


She's Gorgeous! She could hold you now - Judy

Happy Birthday!! - Marty

Happy 1st Birthday Daegan! - Hamlet, Molly, and Cathy

Happy Birthday Daegan!!!!! - Ed and Cruiser

Happy Birthday Daegan!!!!! - Melissa

Awwwww.....cute! But really BIG! Wow! - Sue

Happy 1st Birthday Daegan.!!!!!!! - Rose

Happy Birthday big girl! Lots of kisses from Coilean, Chiot & Nelly! - and Lynn

Happy Birthday Big Girl! Birthday Smacks from the Boys (Silent Bob and Billy the Paw)

Happy B-Day Daegan! - Matt and Gerdy

One year old and 130 lbs. Sheesh! Big baby!!LOL She sure looks pretty and healthy and happy - NC

Do wish Daegan a happy birthday for us. If I'd known I would have baked her a cake!! lol I can't believe she's a year already. She really is beautiful and BIG!!! It's obvious that you really are enjoying her. Give her a big hug from her Auntie Phyl - Phyl and Charlie

Thank you for the sweet pictures of your baby, Daegan! She truly is a beautiful animal - Lia

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