After losing Kieren at the beginning of 2018, we were really happy that we had rehomed Jessie. A home without a dog just seems empty. And, having a pet (even a huge one!) for Zanaya is important too.


Zanaya has learned to be gentle with Jessie and Jessie enjoys the attention. As you can see, in the 6th birthday image, there are some new residents. The summer of 2018, we decided to volunteer with the Humane Society and raise the bottle-fed baby kittens until they were old enough to spay and neuter and then put up for adoption.


We are now known as triple foster fails. None of the kittens ever went back to the Humane Society for adoption. We adopted all THREE of them! We have since fostered a few more, but we followed the rules and sent them to their new homes once they were old enough. And, here is Jessie another year older. Still healthy and wondering what is happening to this house. Kittens were bad enough. Now look what we have!

This is Aidan, and he just happens to be Jessie's grandson.

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