Daegan and Kieren

Daegan turns 6!

Daegan has turned the ripe age of 6! Although she doesn't have zoomies anymore, she does get around quite well. She still has the ongoing problems that are recorded on page 7, but we are still very hopeful that we will get back to being healthy and active soon.

Daegan's Trials - continued

Lab tests are back, NOT MRSA, but another bacterial infection. We have just finished the meds the surgeon gave and have an rx for Cephalexin. That will be given for a couple weeks. Daegan goes back in on the 6th or 7th for a repeat CBC and to check the leg. I am bandaging at home to save a few more trips to the vet. Emergency hospital is expensive, but bless her heart, Daegan's vet often waves her fee, which isn't covered by insurance.

August 7: UPDATE: We saw the vet, surgeon was there too, on the 7th. CBC and recheck. Vet was able to draw more sticky fluid from Daegan's gnarly knot. She said the antiBs are keeping the infection at bay, but every time we stop them, the wound flares up again. Sooooooooooo, back in two weeks. They will open the area yet again, drain, scrape, and this time, let it heal from the inside out, hoping that whatever is in there will drain out as she heals. No stitches or staples this time around. I expect she should have one super scar when this is over. CBC showed a drop in platelets to 197, but vet doesn't seem too worried about this at present. Daegan gained back a couple pounds. Not surprised about that. I have to give her her new antiBs with cheese twice a day. She is at 187 now.

Sept 3 Status report: The surgeon did open Daegan's wound a third time. Scraped and incised. Tacking the incision in a few places and leaving the rest open to drain in the hope that, if there is anything in there that is causing the reinfections, the draining will clear out all the bad stuff. We have now finished this last round of antibs. There continues to be drainage of fluid, partially caused by the tissues rubbing as Daeg gets up and down. The wound is still open, looks ugly, and has a distinct "hospital" smell. She goes back on Sept 5th for reevaluation. We will see.

Sept 17 I'm stuck in the hospital. They think they have gotten the infection conquered, but I have to stay on IV antibiotics at home for the next two weeks. Hubby has been handling the nearly daily trips to the vet for Daegan. This is his e-mail from last night... Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Just got a call from Dr George at VCA. As best as I could follow his report ,it went like this: 1. Daegan is awake 2. Lesion has changed quite a bit. Now extends down to bone and up both sides to bone. can't remove with surgery.so must decide which direction to take: A. medical maggots, which might work well if infection is only in tissues, but not in bones.( maggots useless against bone ) or B. continue on low level meds for life. 60 % of low lvl meds working. 3, No amputation ;however, low lvl amputation w/prosthesis. two types: A. One that is put on and off daily B. Implanted one , but probably has to be taken to N.C. state to a dr he knows is developing this type of implant. OVERALL THIS SITUATION/INFECTION IS BAD ..... according to DR George. I have opted to leave Daegen there for night. Otherwise I have to bring her home and take her back tomorrow for bandage change. They say wound is too open for us to change bandage. Doc's final comment: THIS IS GOING TO BE VERY EXPENSIVE ( what does he think it has been so far! ) We are going to opt for the maggott treatment, starting from the least invasive and hoping that we don't have to go any farther.

Sept 26 Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers. We were at the vet's today. They removed the first batch of maggots, many were missing. I am hoping they crawled out while Daegan was outside! The new shipment hadn't arrived, so her leg is just bandaged. I am a little concerned. She has weighed so much for a long time now. Today, her weight is down to 170 pounds. That is a 26 pound loss in a little over a month. I am liking 170, but not sure a weight loss that fast is a good thing. She is only taking 1/2 prednisone now, that might be a reason for the loss. Also, her antibiotics may cause tummy troubles causing her not to want to eat as much. Vet took blood to see if there is something else going on. Back for more maggots next week.

Oct 6 Surgeon had a family emergency, so no maggot therapy this week. I continue to wash the wound and rebandage it daily. Vet is now talking about a skin graft. The wound is shrinking and seeming to be adding new tissue. No further talk of amputation. I guess another round of maggots is to be sure there is no dead tissue or infection present before grafting. It's always something new. Whatever, as long as it gets my girl well.

Oct 14 Daeg is holding station at the moment. Surgeon still away on a family emergency, so no appointments last week, and probably this. I change her bandage daily and there is more evidence of new skin growth around the wound. We now wait to see what the next step will be. She has gone off the expensive antibs and just taking amoxicillin now. Just started that, so we will watch to see if the infection reappears. She has lost a bunch of weight and is now back to 170 pounds, a weight good for her and her tplo knees. She looks a lot better.

Oct 28 Two trips to the vet this week, and it's only Tuesday. Check yesterday showed that the wound seems to have healed sufficiently to schedule the graft surgery for next Monday. They did a CBC just to make sure Daegan's platelets are good enough for the operation. Call from vet this morning, platelets are low again, come in for one more test to make sure. Yep, no go on the graft because she could have a bleeding problem due to low platelet count. Back on the pred twice a day, continue the amoxicillan and melatonin. Instead of the graft next Monday, we go back for another CBC. She has gainned back a few pounds. Now 175.

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